{ Roxanne & Roger }

Roxanne and Roger
A true romantic, fairy-tale wedding. 
It was so refreshing working with Roxanne and Roger because of their love and appreciation for flowers. Roxanne knew she wanted flowers to adorn every last bit of the couple's classic wedding. The color palette that was chosen consisted of lavender, amethyst, mulberry, and touches of rich ivory. The flowers used were premium blooms such as, dendrobium orchids, peonies, hydrangea, chocolate dahlias, veronica and lisianthus. We really got a true feeling for Roxanne's love of flowers when she was more concerned about flowers being left behind at her reception instead of leaving her reception to catch her honey-moon flight to Italy. Being the wonderful husband that Roger is, he set up a monthly flower arrangement for Roxanne so she can be reminded of the endless beauty of the couple's wedding. 

venue The Ledges
wedding coordinator Julie at Middle Aisle

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