{ 2011 Wedding Recap }

Bloomers is excited to share with you some of our featured 2011 weddings.
 First up is our March bride with the inspiration of an enchanted garden.

photos courtesy of Gideon Photography 

What better color palette for April than a bold, vibrant, sunshine yellow? Our April bride was inspired by the  lively yellow hues accompanied with a splash of Tiffany blue.

We've all heard it a million times, "April showers bring May flowers", and that's exactly what happened for our May bride. The delicate palette for our featured May wedding consisted of soft lavender, purple, cream, and white.    

photos courtesy of Captured By Mikki

Our June bride had the influence of vintage meets whimsical elegance. The bouquet was wrapped in vintage tweed. Balsam wood flowers added a visually elegant twist to the bouquet along with the timeless beauty of peonies.

photos courtesy of Captured by Mikki

We adored the color palette of our July wedding. Warm caramel colors paired well with ivory and champagne tones. We absolutely LOVED the "A" made out of solid rose petals.

photos courtesy of Nick Adams & Gideon Photography

August's bride picked a bright, radiant color scheme. Colors ranged from intense orange, shocking hot pink, and bold purple. A perfect palette for sunny August.

photos courtesy of Gideon Photography

September is a beautiful month for a St. George wedding. The weathers cools down a bit and trees begin to turn colors. We are pleased to share with you two September featured weddings! Our first is the daughter of Bloomers owner, Kathy. The vintage-beach inspired wedding will take your breath away.  Shades of coral  and splashes of Baja blue gave Jessica's wedding the coastal, sea-side ambiance we sought after.

photos courtesy of Gideon Photography
wedding coordinator Laura Stagg of Forevermore Events

Next up is our organic bride with a love for succulents and shades of lavender, mulberry, and sea holly blue. The birch containers complete an elemental feel.

photos courtesy of of my affection

For our October bride, we combined bright hues with organic elements such as scabiosa pods, echeveria blooms, and variegated  lily grass. This was such a fun wedding and all the elements were thrillingly beautiful.

 photos courtesy of Gideon Photography

Our 11.11.11 bride swooned over the deep, lush, purple and wine hues. Wooden boxes were filled with natural manzanita branches, purple hydrangeas, and plum dahlias with accents of ivory. 

photos courtesy of Nick Adams Photography

Be sure to check back for more of our 2011 featured weddings, because we're not finished!!!

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