{ fresh flower care tips }

Now that the love filled holiday is over, we want all the lucky gals & guys to keep their flowers as fresh and pristine as long as possible.  Here are some fresh flower care tips:
  • flowers drink the most water the first couple of days, so be sure to keep your container full of fresh water.
  • if water becomes cloudy, rinse out vase and rinse off stems, refill with luke-warm water and pour half of flower food pouch into water.
  • be sure to keep flowers AWAY from heater vents, sunny windows, and TV's.
  • remove and throw away dying flowers, doing so will keep the other flowers in the arrangement fresh. 
  • enjoy!


{ valentine's day 2012 }

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love box

box squared
{tangerine tango is the Pantone color of 2012, perfect arrangement for the hip and trendy}

 simply modern

life is like a box of flowers

embrace box

twisted love

bloomin' ranunculus 

Introducing our new line of gift boxes. All products are native to Utah. 
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delightful medley

spicy & sweet

{photos courtesy of Nick Adams Photography}