{ Karrah and Kyle }

Karrah and Kyle were wed earlier this Summer and their wedding was truly breathtaking. Every component, detail, and element of Karrah and Kyle's wedding was idyllic. We are thrilled to share with you some pictures of Karrah and Kyle's big day!

The caramel-golden "Combo" rose is so radiant, we LOVE incorporating its rich hues! 

The cursive "A" made of solid ivory rose petals elegantly greeted the wedding guests. 

Peals in the bottom of the vase accented the stunning buffet piece perfectly.

We adored working with Karrah and Kyle! Bloomers would also like to acknowledge the following vendors and business owners that helped make this wedding so brilliantly picturesque;
Nick Adams, of Nick Adams Photography, Laura Stagg of Forevermore Events and staff, and the entire staff of SunRiver  And, a big thank you to Karrah and Kyle for choosing Bloomers to be their florist. 


{ Thanksgiving Give Away }

"Gratitude is the sign of noble souls" -Aesop
With Thanksgiving just a few weeks away, all of us at Bloomers want to take the time to say thank you to all of our amazing customers. Without all of you, we wouldn't know what to do. With this said, Bloomers is excited to give away a custom Thanksgiving centerpiece. We invite all our Facebook friends and fans to share with us on our Facebook fan page what they are most grateful for. We will pick the winner with the most "likes" to their post. The centerpiece will be ready for pick up or delivery to the St. George area Wednesday the 23rd.
Can't wait to hear what everyone is thankful for!!

photo courtesy of Pepper Nix Photography


{ Sneak peek }

Thanks to Southern Utah Bride Magazine, Laura Stagg of Forevermore Events, Jimmy Bishop of Gideon Photography, Karen Atwood Phillips of Sweet Cakes, Nathan Pickett, Kortney Eggertz, and Erica Grisby, we invite you to a sneak peek of the upcoming Southern Utah Bride Magazine photo shoot.


{ Fall }

The Fall color palate is one of Bloomers favorite color schemes. The deep, rich reds, velvet Burgundy tones and eye-catching orange and peach colors make Fall centerpieces simply stunning.

photo courtesy of Nick Adams Photography

{ Vintage Collection }

We are excited to introduce our new Vintage Collection for boutonnieres and wristlets.  

Scabiosa pods and curly willow boutonniere

Spray rose boutonniere with delicate golden leaves and embellishments 

Ranunculus boutonniere with berries and embellishments

Billy ball boutonniere with spotted feathers
Burgundy dahlia boutonniere with snake grass stem

Mokara orchid boutonniere with grass stem and feathers

Ranunculus wristlet with silver bling
Dahlia on pearl wristlet with pearl and tulle embellishments

Pocket boutonniere 

Ranunculus wristlet

Mokara orchid wristlet with Peacock feather

Ranunculus on pearl wristlet
Vintage Collection
Pocket Boutonniere
Ranunculus boutonniere


{ j&j bridals }

Our bride to be, Jessica, and the ever so talented Nick and Signe Adams have given us the go ahead for another sneak peek into J&J's vintage-beach inspired wedding. And now we get to share it with you!

The vintage books pictured above belong to our bookworm bride. These books are few among the many stacks that Jessica has collected and read. When Jessica isn't reading you can often find the j&j duo playing at the beach. So, what's more perfect than a vintage-beach inspired wedding?

James' boutonniere consists of a delicate, ruffled white ranunculus, dahlia buds, and blue hydrangea. It has been wrapped with an earthy burlap.

Notice anything different about this bouquet? If you look closely, you will notice we have incorporated wooden flowers into this peony packed bouquet. They are similar looking to the ruffly edged white ranunculus. The stems are wrapped in a plush velvet ribbon and a simple knot of burlap has been added. Again, just another fun element to coordinate with our vintage-beach theme. Another, big thank you goes out to Nick and Signe Adams, of Nick Adams Photography. They have gone above and beyond with capturing all the details and elements of Jessica and James' bridal photos. The BIG day wedding photos soon to come...


{ j&j are tying the knot }

We are so excited to introduce Jessica & James...Jessica is the daughter of Bloomers owner Kathy, and James is the camera shy fiance.
We are going to tantalize you with a sneak peek of their engagements. J&J met up with the amazing Nick and Signe Adams, owners of Nick Adams Photography, for a day packed full of photography, fun, and of course LOTS of laughter.
Nick and Signe introduced us to the fabulous idea of the date bouquet. {And, you know we LOVE any excuse to use more flowers} What is a date bouquet? Well, it's a wonderful way for the groom-to-be to show his arm candy how much he loves and adores her. James surprised Jessica with not one, but three date bouquets that Nick and Signe expertly incorporated into J&J's engagement photos. 10 points for James!
The photo shoot had all intentions of heading to the beach for some water packed action. Due to inclement weather, a new plan was in order. That's where Nick and Signe's creativity came through...{what's new?} They came across an abandoned building with a retro inspiration. Nick and Signe definitely had their work cut out for them...did I mention J&J's adorable 2 year old Boston Terrier, Toby? Well, he's a bundle of energy and has a mind of his own but as you can see, he loved posing for the camera and enjoyed the spotlight. In fact, Toby enjoyed it so much he has been asked to be the Best Dog for J&J's wedding.
We can't thank Nick and Signe enough for all their inspiration, sensational sense of style, and of course their patience.
You will definitely want to stay tuned for more pictures, including bridals and the soon to be wedding!


{birch, burlap and blushing peonies}

Our June bride planned her wedding according to the season of the beautiful blush pink peonies.

The wedding elements consisted of organic birch, raw burlap, and breath taking peonies. We also added a touch of the oh-so earthy echeveria succulents.

We traveled north to Salt Lake City, with a very aromatic van full 250 peonies bloosoms. The wedding took place at the beautiful Salt Lake Country Club!

Pedestal vases were wrapped with nude burlap and carefully tied with charcoal-grey velvet ribbon. Whimsical mercury glass votives accompanied the stunning centerpieces.
Thanks to Cristine Olson Photography for the lovely pictures.

The wedding was as amazingly beautiful with all the wonderful elements, but the bride radiated the most beauty of the entire evening.

Congratulations Becky and Charlie!

we love you guys


{of my affection photo shoot}

Take a look at this photo shoot from the darling girls with of my affection! Bloomers was honored to contribute and be a part of this shoot! Thank you Serena & Malea for putting this together for all of us to enjoy! We also thank CastleBridge Films for shooting this beautiful video.


{Spring Is Here!}

Spring is finally here!
Bloomers has so many beautiful flowers in the shop this time of year! We are so excited to work with all of our new spring brides! Every bride has such a different style and pizzazz about them that really shines through in our flowers.

Here are a few photos to get your creative juices flowing!