Emily at Winkfotos located in Cedar City was kind enough to give us some amazing pictures of the Ronnow Wedding. There is just something to be said about professional photographs. Thanks Emily!


Casie & Taylor

It was so much fun working with Casie for her wedding & the "trash the dress." She was such a cute bride! We look forward to her stopping in and visiting us when she is in the area :)
Thanks to Toni Rowley with Moment 2 Moment Photography for the pictures. We really appreciate them!


Busy Holiday Season...

We are going into our busy holiday season and I don't foresee a lot of time to update our blog as frequently as we would like.

Keep sending us pictures & we will try to get them posted asap!

Thank you and Happy Holidays!!

Nikelle & Andrew

Nikelle & Andrew were married in August. Nikelle & her mom Danelle were so much fun to work with! You could tell that they were so close and had such an tight relationship! It was sad to have their wedding over with because now we don't see them near enough.
You are so beautiful Nikelle, thank you for the pictures!!


november 21st & 22nd weddings

Jaesie & Brett
Jaesie works here at bloomers & planned her dream wedding at the BellTower. Her wedding was AMAZING, her bright colors were SO Jaesie!!! It showed she paid attention to every detail ( that's why she works at bloomers:) )!!!! Her and Brett will be so happy, we love you guys! We will definitely post pictures when we get them.

Diane & Bryce
Diane and Bryce are such a cute couple. Diane chose hot pink roses and green china berries. The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, I'm sure their backyard wedding was gorgeous! Congratulations Diane & Bryce!!!

Chelsea & Marcos
The Villa Gardens is now open & Chelsea was our first reception there. The new reception center is amazing!!! We didn't spend a lot of time with Chelsea, but her mother Julie was great to work with. Chelsea had such a beautiful reception. We wish them well!

Marissa & Carl
Marissa & Carl are such a beautiful couple. Marissa had a fun color theme of navy blue & punch pink. Marissa was great to work with and was such a beautiful bride. Her reception at the BellTower was gorgeous. Good luck to you guys!!!


november 14th & 15th weddings

Jessica & Tyrone
Jessica & Tyrone were such a cute couple! They chose beautiful tropical flowers and bright colors for their reception. The plumeria that Tyrone's family brought from Hawaii smelled amazing!! It along with the other fragrant tropical flowers made the BellTower smell like a tropical heaven. Congratulations you two!

Angela & Alan
What a gorgeous bride Angela is. Angela loved red roses and wanted just that! Her bouquet turned out so simple with the classic touch of gorgeous red roses. You cant go wrong with black & white with an accent of red. As usual Pam Graff did an amazing job with the decorating. Congrats Angela & Alan!


Rachael & Michael

Rachael & Michael were married on August 15th. They are such a cute couple and are perfect for each other. Rachael is my (Cristy's) cousin! I am so happy for her and grateful we could design her flowers. Love ya Rach!! Congrats :)
Thank Gideon for the photography!


november 8th weddings

Breynne & Dan
We really had a great time with Bre. She wanted a specific rose that unfortunately wasn't available anymore from the growers. We made a substitution and she ended up LOVING her bouquet so much she wants to get it dried! Thanks Bre!

Natani & Adam
Natani chose the gorgeous eggplant callas! You cannot go wrong with that gorgeous sleek flower. Congratulations, you two are so cute!!

Mckenzie & Randan
Mckenzie had such a cheerful bride, we loved working with her! She chose dark chocolate and rust for her colors. Her flowers really went well with this fall season. Thanks Mckenzie & Becky for the cheesecake it was yummy!

Kimberly & Kyle
Kimberly was so easy to work with and had an elegant fall wedding. Sherri Reeder did the decorating and turned the Staheli Barn into an enchanting reception hall. She did a beautiful job.

Sherri's beautiful creation that she put together from an old window that hung above the buffet.

Two different styles of centerpieces.

nov. 1st weddings

Lindsey & Ty
What a cute couple! Lindsey had a very simplistic & sophisticated style using sleek plum callas. We wish them the best!!

Lindsey & Brandon
We had so much fun with Lindsey! She has Style! Her reception was amazing with the help from her aunt Leslie who also made her beautiful cake. Congrats Lindsey & Brandon!!


jaesie & brett

Jaesie works with us at bloomers. We are so happy for her to be getting married here in two weeks. She is so beautiful, and her bright flowers really show her personality!!! You two are a gorgeous couple! Excellent photography Mikki!

trash the dress

Casie Mcnaughton/Forbes did something that most brides do not.... she TRASHED HER DRESS!!! The pictures turned out so cute! You can tell she was having so much fun. Thanks Toni Rowley with Moment 2 Moment Photography! We will post her wedding photography soon. We love you Casie!

haley & spencer mehr 8.23.08

We had so much fun working with Haley and loved her style so much... we just HAD to hire her! :) Her wedding turned out beautiful at Entrada. It was one of those perfect outdoor weddings. Thanks for giving us the pictures Haley!!!

Her gorgeous centerpieces....


brianna & daniel bryner 5.31.08

We didn't have our blog up when this cute couple got married in the spring, but these photos are definitely worth showing off! Nick Adams did the photography & it is amazing!!!


boots & bouquets

This is such an unique picture, we absolutely LOVE it! There is something about those dang boots & bouquets that make it!!!!

Kariann & JD Leavitt Bridal Portraits

Kariann & Jd's bridals turned out AMAZING! I loved how the pomegranates in the trees accented the colors in her bouquet & Jd's boutonniere. Kariann had such a unique style and knew what she wanted, but wanted us to throw in our creative twist. Her wedding turned out enchanting... from the circular arrangement of the guests chairs, to the hanging orchid strands from the chandeliere. We cannot wait to see how Gideon's pictures bring it to life again. We love you guys!!!!

Tiffany Myers/Suhaka 10.27.08

Tiffany chose such fun colors that complimented each other so well. We had a blast with Tiffany & her mom Lacy throughout the whole flower planning process! It's too bad that Lacy doesn't have a million daughters! Thanks for letting us be apart of your special day!

Thanks Gideon Photography for the amazing photos :)