november 21st & 22nd weddings

Jaesie & Brett
Jaesie works here at bloomers & planned her dream wedding at the BellTower. Her wedding was AMAZING, her bright colors were SO Jaesie!!! It showed she paid attention to every detail ( that's why she works at bloomers:) )!!!! Her and Brett will be so happy, we love you guys! We will definitely post pictures when we get them.

Diane & Bryce
Diane and Bryce are such a cute couple. Diane chose hot pink roses and green china berries. The weather was so beautiful on Saturday, I'm sure their backyard wedding was gorgeous! Congratulations Diane & Bryce!!!

Chelsea & Marcos
The Villa Gardens is now open & Chelsea was our first reception there. The new reception center is amazing!!! We didn't spend a lot of time with Chelsea, but her mother Julie was great to work with. Chelsea had such a beautiful reception. We wish them well!

Marissa & Carl
Marissa & Carl are such a beautiful couple. Marissa had a fun color theme of navy blue & punch pink. Marissa was great to work with and was such a beautiful bride. Her reception at the BellTower was gorgeous. Good luck to you guys!!!

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