Emily at Winkfotos located in Cedar City was kind enough to give us some amazing pictures of the Ronnow Wedding. There is just something to be said about professional photographs. Thanks Emily!


Kariann + JD Leavitt said...

I know i feel bad! Life is crazy with work full time, school, and the holidays! BLEH! But i think about you guys everyday and how i need to bring you something, and show you the pictures! Jd's mom has the disc right now but ill show you another way :) These arangements are amazing by the way, but would we really expect anything less with Bloomers?? always perfect with you guys! :)

Emily Clark said...

thanks for your compliments.... love your blog!

Cache & Chanel Benson said...

Kathy it's Chanel Mason. I added Bloomer's blog to my blog.Mine is:

I'm sooo excited for you to do my Wedding!!!