valentine's day specials

valentine's day is just around the corner.  we are excited to share some of the specials our talented designers have created for the special day.

sassy tiara: a compact and unique blend of hydrangeas, tropical heart-shaped anthurium, spray roses, anemones and stock. designed in a fun ceramic pot accented with a ring of bling around the base.

valentina: a modern, compact design with pink, fuchsia and burgundy flowers in a designer white ceramic vase.

elegant tiara: tall, elegant blend of all white flowers consisting of hydrangea, stock, lisianthus, spray roses and white ostrich feathers, accented with gold. stylishly designed in an impressive red ceramic vase with a band of bling around the rim.

chartreuse & purple tiara: a fun mixture of purple and green flowers arranged in a tall majestic purple vase accented with a band of bling around the rim. contains a mix of hydrangea, lisianthus, hyacinth, etc.

lusty lavender: a fun compact arrangement of purple, pink, and white flowers in purple spiral patterned ceramic vase. includes dahlias, lisianthus, stock, snapdragons and heather.

golden amore: burgundy, peach and lavender harmonize perfectly in this contemporary mixture of roses, lisianthus, stock, and snapdragons in a metallic gold ceramic container.

rustic tulips: five tulips with a dogwood armature in a burlap patterned ceramic container

majestic purple tiara: a stylish arrangement of all white flowers in a tall majestic purple vase accented with a band of bling around the rim. perfect for an elegant and unique valentine.

 these arrangements and many more are available on our online store at bybloomers.com

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