{give the gift of awesome}

still shopping for the perfect gift?
need to get a gift and just don't know what to get?
know a flower lover?
we have the perfect gift!
we have a christmas gift that keeps on giving!
here at bloomers we are having an awesome blossom special!
(kind of like a flower club but it doesn't come in a smashed box)
The gift comes with unique flowers, artisticly arranged in the monaco vase. (one of our favorites) Then once a month,(for 6-12 months of giving) we will bring in different flowers from all over the world, and arrange them to look amazing in the vase. It will be as easy as stopping by or having us deliver the arrangement and all you need to do is simply unwrap them and place them in the vase!
We can also conveniently charge your card monthly. This great deal is just $25 a month! Hurry in and order today so we can arrange you an awesome blossom gift to start next week. * delivery is an extra charge and is priced by the area you want us to deliver the flowers to.

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Anonymous said...

Love this idea!! Wish I lived here to take advantage of it!